Monday, December 3, 2007

I sneeze, therefore I pee

Lovely hungh? No. I can not and will not read any mag about new moms, babies, pregnancy etc. They make me feel like a FREAK. After 16 weeks of this alien take over, I am still not glowing (farting, barfing, sleeping and peeing way too often - YES....glowing, feeling sexy, beaming with excitement and joy, err, NOPE)

Here are a few alternative sarcastic, cynical resources for you females out there who have also had your bodies hijacked for 40 weeks and need a good laugh:

The Sarcastic Journalist at Baby Gaga
Brain Child - The Magazine for Thinking Mothers
Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy


richard said...

Another way of thinking about it might be, "I copulate, therefore I conceive." Oh . . . wait . . . no . . . that would be YOU doing that conception thing, wouldn't it? I know baby, hardly fair is it? Perhaps Nora Ephron was onto something when she ruefully noted that, "If pregnancy were a book, they'd cut the last two chapters."

progressivegrannie said...

May your baby be born to a world where Obama is President! Obama O8!
Hope to see you on super Tuesday.
And yeah, that baby thing is a wild and crazy experience, but not as "interesting" as teenagers! LOL.
Then, when you are a grandma like me, you can sneeze and pee all over again. Sigh.

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