Monday, September 7, 2009

The Funnel Cake Theory

"Funnel cake is like the roots of trees and what if the world was made of funnel cake, mommy? Maybe it is!"

Tubes and branching is however an universal pattern, not so far from some string theorists visions. Here is a quote from Dirk Laureyssens' cosmology regarding the BIG TUBE THEORY (link here):

"This pelastration approach is not contradictory to most basics of the Superstring theory and M-Brane theory. (To us the Kaluza-Klein approach contains anti-unification elements since it creates discrete 'traps' which boundary/brane origin is mystic again.
In stead of simplifying KK makes it even more complex).
When we start from a MAMA-Brane which is unbreakable, and super-elastic (but has it's
limits in stretchability) then the Mama-Brane can create strings, which are thus parts of the brane. The basic 'difference' to all previous scientific approaches is that the Brane (and following sub-branes) is unbreakable.
That's essential. The creation of a string can start on two levels: (1) starting via an outer bending of the Mama-Brane, or (2) starting via an inner bending of the Mama-Brane. (more).
This has implications on the further layering since the center tube will be different. (see layering paradoxes)
Essential is the possibility to couple parts of the Mama-Brane. This goes by complete penetrations (
several types), called pelastrations.
This new type of Branification approach explains the essential
boundaries to understand 'gauge' levels of spin. What we call Spin is thus caused by orientation or layer-history.The essence of string theory: 'The subatomic particles we see in nature are nothing more than different resonances of the vibrating superstrings' is also respected in this approach. Resonances are however mechanical string-contacts, and not 'magic' fields."

More on my budding scientist's advancements:

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